Brushless Motor Technology

Modern cordless screw drivers and drillers without carbon brushes!

Top marks for durability, performance and safety

Abrasion minimized - performance maximized!

Drive Innovation from Einhell

Most modern electric motor technology

Electro magnetic converters instead of carbon brushes

Less wear and tear, longer life

High level of efficiency, ideal for use in cordless deployment

For all Power X-Change devices in home & garden

More power!

Real efficiency is like this!

Modern technology enables us to design electric motors without carbon brushes. In this way, the brushes, which in conventional electric motors change polarity through mechanical contact with the rotor, change polarity here electronically. They create a rotating magnetic field, that the rotor follows - contact less, abrasion free and high efficiency.

Drill hole to drill hole to drill hole: Batteries also benefit from high efficiency of the device. That is what we use in many Power X-Change tools and garden equipment - brushless motors with a particularly high level of efficiency. Brushless motors' low weight and compact design also make the tools easy and comfortable to handle.

Our brushless motors are exceptionally robust, maintenance-free and have a long service life.

All advantages at a glance - why our brushless motors are so good:


Longer service life




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