EINHELL GE-CC Power X-Change 18-Volt Cordless Stand up, Telescopic Handle, Weed Sweeper, Paving Grout Patio Cleaner w/ Guide-wheel, Nylon and Stell Brush, Great for Lightweight Outdoor Multisurface


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Clean the pavers, the driveway, and the edges of your walkways with the GE-CC 18 Li 18-Volt Cordless Multi-Surface Cleaner from Einhell. Designed to clear grass, weeds, moss, and mold out of fine lines in your pavement and bricks, this handy cordless tool will save your back from the bending and straining to weed out unsightly and unwanted weeds. Driven by the exclusive Power X-Change system, this home owners essential is eco-friendly, rechargeable, and completely cord-free! 

Einhell features two 4-inch pavement brushes: nylon for everyday touch-ups, and steel for deep-down cleaning. Plus, the telescopic pole, adjustable auxiliary handle, and sturdy guide wheel give you the maneuverability and control you need to get your walkways back in pristine condition. So, when your pavers are littered with unwanted weeds and overgrown grass, grab the Einhell Multi-Surface Cleaner. This product can be purchased either as a tool only, or with the battery + fast charger included.


  • 18V Power X-Change: battery + charger
  • 18V battery runtimes: 1.5 Ah - 30 min | 2.0 Ah - 45 min | 2.6 Ah - 55 min | 3.0 Ah - 60 min | 4.0 Ah - 90 min | 5.2 Ah - 120 min
  • Dual-handed design provides maximum maneuverability
  • Telescopic pole and adjustable auxiliary handle prevents bending and straining
  • Includes two 4-inch brushes: nylon and steel bristle
  • Lightweight and portable at just 4.4 lbs
  • This product can be purchased either as a tool only, or with the battery + fast charger included


High-quality German craftsmanship meets high-performance home improvement, workshop and garden tools with Einhell. From battery powered impact drills, to cordless screwdrivers, palm sanders and electric lawn mowers, we offer a wide range of powerful tools that are simple to use and built to perform your toughest tasks. Pro grade gear perfect for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners + handymen alike.

EINHELL + BMWi Motorsports

Einhell x BMWi Motorsport

Since the 2018/19 season of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, we are proud to partner with BMW as their main battery technology partner.

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